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September 2021 Broadcasts


Homeschool Help and Inspiring Insights, Part Five, Ellen Longabaugh of CLASS answers, How do I overcome the fear of homeschooling my children?


This Labor Day show the host shares BIble verses on the topic of rest and the importance of choosing to remember the Sabbath and rest in God.


A doctor, whose children attended CLA, had a near death experience; her story teaches us the victory Christ gives us over the fear of death.


David Bergquist, art teacher and head of Live Pro-life honors the memory of his sister Gloria and his parents who adopted her and other children.


The host shares thoughts on teaching your children and yourself well, by knowing and living the truth when facing the tests of life. Part One


Homeschool Help and Inspiring Insights, Part Eight, Ellen Longabaugh, of CLASS Cust.Srvc, answers, How can I be a joyful homeschooling parent?


Pastor Calvin Lindstrom discusses the new school year and President Trump’s Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, speaking at an event at CLA.


Homeschool Help and Inspiring Insights, Part Nine, Ellen Longabaugh, of CLASS Cust. Srvc, shares insights answering, Why choose homeschooling?

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