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Voice of Christian Liberty

Sharing the historical riches of God’s wisdom and knowledge from the

labors of hundreds of faithful servants at Christian Liberty.

October 2021 Broadcasts

So Leonard.jpg

CLA Teacher, Mrs. Leonard, moves to Texas. The host discusses leaving well and giving from the heart.

Kayleigh McEnany.jpg

Kayleigh McEnany, President Trump’s Press Secretary, speaks at CLA and the host shares thoughts on Kayleigh's inspirational life.


Homeschool Help and Inspiring Insights, Part Ten, Ellen Longabaugh, of CLASS Cust. Srvc.shares insights reviewing helpful homeschooling Ideas.

Christine Edmonds.jpg

Chris Edmonds, formerly a first-grade teacher for many years at CLA, is remembered as the host shares lessons we can learn from Chris's life.


The host shares thoughts on the many ways to use a journal for education, teaching, and for personal spiritual growth.


Homeschool Help and Inspiring Insights, Part Eleven, Ellen Longabaugh of CLASS Cust. Srvc, answers, How do I set up a homeschool day?


Larry Hovde, Director of CLASS, a once professing atheist now a Christian is commented on by the host as to what we can learn from his life.

Francis Schaeffer.jpg

The inspiring Christian thinker, Francis Schaeffer, author of Art and the Bible, available at CL Press, his famous quotes are discussed by the host.


Homeschool Help and Inspiring Insights, Part Twelve, Ellen Longabaugh of CLASS Cust. Srvc, shares creative ways to teach Bible and Language Arts


Amber Bennett, CLA literature teacher, writer, and author, shares details about the play that she both wrote and directs, Backstage Pass… or Fail.


CLA Alumni, Lexi Lach, Turning Point Ambassador, inspires youth to know what they believe and participate in those things that support godly values.

Grace Ethan.jpg

Ethan Lindstrom and Grace Arnold share lessons learned from participating in CLA theatre talking about their roles in the play Backstage Pass.

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