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Sharing the historical riches of God’s wisdom and knowledge from the

labors of hundreds of faithful servants at Christian Liberty.

May 2022 Broadcasts


The mother of Jesus and her cousin Elizabeth is addressed as the host inspires all to honor mothers (and fathers) as the fifth commandment tells us to do.


The book, Art and the Bible, written by Francis Schaeffer is explored by the host with an encouragement for all Christians to reflect in life the Creator God.


The CL Press book, History Stories for Children, tells about King David. The host discusses David writing the 23rd Psalm and its meaning for us. Part One


The CL Press book, History Stories for Children, tells of King David. The host discusses Psalm 23 and the Good Shepherd who seeks His lost sheep. Part Two.


The host discusses the "pronoun war" and the importance of choosing to follow the truth of God’s word: “He created them male and female” Genesis.5.


The CL Press book History Stories for Children, and the poem “Home, Sweet Home” is discussed by the host with thoughts of our future home in eternity with Christ.


Bob Stack, science teacher, and his wife, Linda, are Gold Star parents--parents who have had a child die while in the service-. They are honored this Memorial Day.

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Ron Wolff, the Exec. Producer of Pardoned by Grace, tells the powerful, inspirational story of Scott Highberger, redeemed career criminal turned preacher. Part One.

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