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labors of hundreds of faithful servants at Christian Liberty.

June 2022 Broadcasts

Ron Wolf.jpg

Ron Wolff, the Exec. Producer of Pardoned by Grace, tells the powerful, inspirational story of Scott Highberger, redeemed career criminal turned preacher. Part One.


Pastor Calvin Lindstrom takes a look back at education this past year from a Christian perspective and looks forward to what is to come if the Lord wills.

Hannah Mindak_edited.jpg

Hannah Mindak, 2022 Valedictorian, came to know Jesus as Savior while in CLA's preschool, shares her journey of academic success and how she grew in her faith.

Ron Wolf.jpg

Ron Wolff, Exec. Producer Pardoned by Grace, continues telling the story behind the Scott Highberger movie, starring Michael W Smith and Joey Lawrence. Part Two.


Proverbs 9:10, tells us, that the “knowledge of the Holy One is understanding” and the host referring to this encourages knowing the names of God. Part One.


Mother and daughter, Autumn Bentz, CLA school counselor, and Dina Bentz, CLA preschool teacher, share their stories and wisdom to help youth and parents.


Proverbs 9:10 is a continued discussion, as the host shares that knowing the many names of God is part of the knowledge of the Holy One. Part Two.


The host talks about the movie, Pardoned By Grace, about a criminal turned Christian preacher, and shares thoughts about a response to Jesus’ words in Matthew 24.

Kaylee Ringstrand.jpg

Kaylee Ringstrand, 2022 Salutatorian is honored along with the amazing accomplishment of her family members as both of her brothers were also CLA salutatorians.


Mike Sherman, a WW2 veteran, Bible teacher, and musician, and his wife, Sherry, are honored. Both were CLA founding members and used their gifts for the Lord.


The host discusses, in light of a recent school shooting, the need to follow Jesus’ command, “Go into all the world, preach the gospel to all creation” Mark 16:15.

Meredith DeRidder.jpg

Meredith DeRidder, CLA Bible teacher, raised in a Jewish family that comes to know Jesus formerly a missionary to Papua New Guinea, shares her faith. Part One

Meredith DeRidder.jpg

Meredith DeRidder, CLA Bible teacher, raised Jewish she comes to know Christ, with a mission-minded heart she shares insights for parents and all believers. Part Two

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