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Sharing the historical riches of God’s wisdom and knowledge from the

labors of hundreds of faithful servants at Christian Liberty.

January 2022 Broadcasts


The host shares Bible verses on beginning a new year, as we trust that He who began a good work in us will complete it.


The host continues discussing Bible verses that encourage us in all of our new beginnings to trust in the Lord with all our heart and He will lead our path.

Victor Yang.jpg

Victor Yang, former CLA teacher and his wife, Motoko, leave for the mission field of Japan. The importance of patience and waiting on God is discussed.


David Bergquist, in the The Arts series discussed the Truman Show and how others witnessed his life; this topic is continued for the Christian's life.


“Follow me,” was Jesus' words to Peter. The host encourages all to remember those words when considering their decisions for each new day.


As Jesus is the Light of the world, the host talks about sharing Christ’s light through education and through how we as Christians live our lives.


The host encourages choosing our priorities wisely for our children, our family, and ourselves as we are to love God and seek the kingdom of God first.


Seasons of life, and a time to rethink your decisions is discussed by the host as Scripture states in Romans 12:2 to be ”transformed” by renewing our mind.


Jesus answered, ’"I am the truth." John 14:6. The host asks the question: Are you making decisions for yourself and your family grounded in truth?

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