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January 2021 Broadcasts

The Arts, Christianity, the Culture, artist Dave Bergquist, and the host discuss through a Christian lens the arts. Part 28

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The host and Sherry Dunwoody, a godly woman of faith, share the hope we have in Christ during difficult times.

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Born in Iraq, Sherry Dunwoody tells of God’s work in her life to bring her to Him since the early years of her life.

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Dave Bergquist, Art Teacher and Director of Live Pro-Life , discusses The Arts, Christianity, and the Culture, Part 1, 2021

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The host and Tonia Mulhall discuss the immense power of the love of God when received in our lives

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The host discusses during times of trouble, the amazing victory Christians have in Christ Jesus.

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The importance of praising God, and seeing the victory that follows, is shared as encouragement by the show host.

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