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January 2020 Broadcasts

Charles Li, a musician, a conductor, a teacher, a minister, a father, sees the hand of God leading his life

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Amy Li, brought up by parents with a heart for missions, Amy tells of being led to the mission field

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Christine Li, English teacher, homeschooling mom, the Lord orchestrated her life to marry a conductor

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Sharon Rubel directs the elementary school music program of Christian Liberty Academy

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Deb Dorsey, New Life Resale prays with those who enter her store, a ministry of Informed Choices.

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David Bergquist, Director of CLA Live ProLife, tells stories of pro-life and his parents who adopt 8 children

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Sarah VanDerLip, Exec. Director of Informed Choices listens to God's call, saving babies' lives

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Doug Brammer, CLA parent shares his faith and years of service helping save lives from his earliest years

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When Roe vs Wade legalizied abortion, David Bergquist, discusses his family becoming witnesses for life

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