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August 2020 Broadcasts

Tania Mulhall encourages the body of Christ to pursue intimacy with God in a time of social distancing or any time

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Dave Bergquist, Art Teacher, continues, The Arts, Christianity, the Culture, with a focus on propaganda, Part 14

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During uncertain times, the host shares a prayer for parents, or for anyone, encouraging trust in God’s provision.

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Larry Hovde, Director of CLASS, encourages homeschooling, and taking the plunge to homeschool with God’s help.

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The host encourages those who follow Christ to choose to fear God only and to choose the path of faith ,

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Pastor Lindstrom discusses parent choices as Christian Liberty chooses to open and other schools consider it for fall

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Dave Bergquist, Art Teacher continues, The Arts, Christianity, and the Culture, and talks about Acts 17:28, Part 15

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The host discusses fearing God only, rejecting all other fears, and following a path of faith.

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The host encourages Christians to open their eyes to what is going on in our world and in education.

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Former homeschooling parents praise the CLASS program, starting a discussion on small things that are big.

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